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Gamepad Map

Gamepad Map

Gamepad Map lets you use your Xbox controller for apps that have little or no support. Analog controls like thumb-sticks and triggers are mapped to analog key-presses. Directional templates let you quickly set scenerios like ASDW or mouse-move. Copy & paste mappings directly from the ...

Shareware  7,465k 363 SourceBinary com

Gamepad 4 Flash - Lite

Why use your keyboard to play games when you don't have to? Start playing your favorite flash and shockwave games with a gamepad / joystick. It even works for regular pc games. It's as easy as setting up your keyboard keys to the X / ...

Demo  10k 671 FlashPulse


replace the mouse by a gamepad with jmouse. jmouse lets you configure the buttons of the game pad to actions and stays quiet in the system tray while you're using it.

Freeware  104k 1101 Phelios Inc
World of Joysticks Emulator

World of Joysticks Emulator

Keyboard & Mouse Emulator for Windows to play any game with gamepad,joystick or wheel. (Freestyle 2, World of Tanks, Warface ... and many other games without joystick support) Application contains unique "Dual-Speed Axes" feature for precise aiming. Verified devices: PS for PC Gamepads and Wheels, ...

Freeware  3,787k 728 Timur Software

Suicide Skateboarding

Test your street skating skills in this intense platform skateboarding game. Each course is filled with ramps, pyramids, gaps, road cones, bottomless pits, deadly spikes, slippery oil puddles and more. Each course also has a goal you must meet to continue to the next level. ...

Shareware  1,047k 1546 ANTi Ware
The Qube

The Qube

WHAT IS THE QUBE? The Qube is a fun, challenging & VERY ADDICTIVE 3D Puzzle Game based on the classic PSone game Kurushi (also know as Intelligent Qube). In a variety of breathtaking backdrops, you must first select 1 of 4 characters from The Diaeresis ...

Shareware  22,654k 1665 Eternal Syndrome


What is Playa!TraX? What does it do? Here is an example -- Playa!TraX is running idle in the system tray, not playing music, not doing anything. You launch a full screen game, Half-Life 2 for example, Playa!TraX on its own will immediately start playing your ...

Shareware  1,224k 852 SlimSlam Solutions


In deep space, your salvage team has run across a derelict star ship with the seemingly mis-chosen name of "The Dire Circumstances". Their loss, your gain. There's only one minor problem - It's teeming with aliens! Derelict is a fast action game with unending enemy ...

Shareware  4,776k 706 Laughing Dragon Games


A quick, clean and simple freeware game letting you race a car on your desktop. Avoid the obstacles and enjoy stereo sound, nitros, user-changealbe graphics, and gamepad support and a highscore table. Nothing to install or uninstall. Direct X 7 is required but your system ...

Freeware  303k 1159 Ossisoft


Are you ready for some fun and excitement? This Space Invaders version is a brilliant design of one of the most played games in the world! Extremely stunning graphics, graphical effects, music and sound effects. Forget the clones you played in the past this one ...

Demo  4,184k 1084 Suma Games
Phantasia 2

Phantasia 2

The evil wizard strikes back and puts the fabulous dwarves into a dark prison in his mystery castle. The cruel wizard used all his power and imprisoned all of the dwarves from a wonderfull forest called Phantasia, in his strange tower in the abandoned mountains. ...

Shareware  11,816k 1158 300AD
Pinnacle Game Profiler

Pinnacle Game Profiler

Pinnacle Game Profiler is a program that allows you to emulate your keyboard and mouse with your video game controller, and otherwise customize the controller's behavior. Many PC games do not directly support game controllers, but with Pinnacle Game Profiler you can use almost any ...

Shareware  5,715k 1436 pinnaclegameprofiler com
Political Invaders

Political Invaders

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to plaster as many politicians and their henchmen with pies as you can. The politicians, who don't really like getting blasted in the face with a pie, will drop bombs on you. The bombs will do ...

Freeware  3,108k 1134 SB Software

Playa!TraX Gaming Media Player

What is Playa!TraX? What does it do? Here is an example -- Playa!TraX is running idle in the system tray, not playing music, not doing anything. You launch a full screen game, Half-Life 2 for example, Playa!TraX on its own will immediately start playing your ...

Shareware  3,183k 1131 SlimSlam Solutions

Rock Runner

Collect gemstones as you attempt to escape from the diamond mines, whilst avoiding falling rocks and trying to outwit an array of deadly enemies.* 50 Levels* Bonus levels* Keyboard/gamepad control

Shareware    613 IDIGICON

Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 Driver

Device driver for Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 gamepad.

Freeware  9,134k 564

Rainbow Wars

A fast-paced, retro-styled shooter with separate movement and firing controls. It features 2-player support, 6 distinct enemies, and unlimited waves. A dual analog gamepad is recommended, though mouse and keyboard will work as well.

Freeware  2,191k 545


Xpadder will simulate keypresses and mouse movements using a gamepad. This allows you to use your controller to play PC games with poor or no joystick support (including DOS games in a Windows DOS box and Shockwave/Java internet games).

Freeware  425k 714


MagicKeypad is a Windows device driver that turns a USB Keypad or Keyboard into a HID gamepad device for use in several games.

Freeware  21k 289
Student Bodies

Student Bodies

Hand in your assignment to the top of Dunton Tower by midnight, or face the consequences of academic probation!The power is out, a blizzard rages outdoors and desperate fellow students stalk your every move, trying to get your answers for themselves!(Requires Visual Studio 2010 & ...

Freeware  31,038k 279


This program "translates" keypresses on joystick/gamepads/joypads into keypresses on a keyboard. It's great to use as a substitute for a remote control and perfect to use when you play games that don't have gamepad support.

Freeware  428k 376


sponge is a SDL based pong clone with enhanced features like sound "effects", an artificial intelligence (invincible), keyboard joystick/gamepad and mouse control, setup menu, graphical score display

Freeware  310k 365


ActionScript library and Java applet giving Flash applications full support for game controllers. full support for mouse, gamepad, joystick, in Windows, Linux (no mouse - issue with JInput) and Mac OSalmost hassle-free for end-user

Freeware  17k 786


English: A 2D XNA Game created by AndrA©e Ekroth, Felix Erberth och AndrA© SjA¶lin. Svenska: Ett 2D XNA spel skapat av AndrA©e Ekroth, Felix Erberth och AndrA© SjA¶lin. Detta i samband med projektarbetet i trean. 4 Player Local MultiplayerMultiple enemiesHD (720p) graphicsGamepad (Xbox) support

Freeware  33,226k 453


This is just a prog that executes shell/system commands when a joystick/gamepad button is pressed or an axis is moved. It can be configured on the commandline and/or with (a) configuration file(s).

Freeware  13k 193


A C++/Boost based app that maps input of game devices (like joystick/joypad/gamepad) to X11 key events. This simulates pressing a key on your keyboard. Automatic callibration, reconnection. Any number of devices. Background daemon support. Nice man-page.

Freeware  95k 236


Can't connect to the network? Can't hear any sound from microphone or loudspeakers? Computer is slow with severe lags? Can't use mouse or keyboard? You may need to check if there is something wrong with your hardware drivers. Designed to fix various and tricky computer ...

Freeware  8,500k 478 Drive The Life Co Ltd
Color Cubes

Color Cubes

Columns - a mix between falling blocks gameplay and match 3 games. Play until the pieces reach the screen top, just like the classic games. Collect more than 20 achievements to unlock them all! How to play: Each of the pieces that appear are formed by three ...

Freeware  17,928k 379 Falco Software Company
Grand Auto Adventure

Grand Auto Adventure

3D racing sandbox game. There is a city with lots of cars and different tasks at your disposal. Take part in illegal races around the city, go away from the police and make money for new cars. If you become a respectable driver or a ...

Freeware  29,211k 829 GameHitZone com
Quad Motorbike Challenge

Quad Motorbike Challenge

3D quad bike racing game. It's time to accept the challenge and to win these crazy races. These four-wheeled monsters can overcome a track of any difficulty. A variety of game modes, several kinds of ATVs and incredible levels will surprise the most demanding gamer. ...

Freeware  41,183k 519 GameHitZone com
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